Happy Purim!
Join us for Purim at Chabad of Norwood Park
Wednesday Night, March 16 - Thursday, March 17, 2022
Rabbi's Message

Purim at Chabad of Norwood Park is a really happy and festive time where we celebrate the salvation of the Jewish people in ancient Persia.

Please join us for Purim in the Big Apple and megillah reading. You can find more information about the holiday below.

Wishing you a happy Purim!

Rabbi Mendel & Sara Perlstein 


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Megillah Readings

Thursday Match 17

Hear the Megillah at Your Home or Office!

Chabad of Norwood Park is offering home visit Megillah readings throughout Purim day (March 17).

Invite family or friends and do the Purim Mitzvahs!

Email [email protected] and schedule a time!

Purim Festivities
Location: Chabad - 5676 N Neva Ave Chicago, IL 60631

Date: Thursday Night, March 17

Time: 5:30pm

Details: Purim in the Big Apple
  • Hear the Megillah
  • Enjoy a Delicious NY Deli Sandwich
  • Watch an Amazing BreakDancing Show
  • Dress for Your NYC Tour
  • Get Your Caricature Drawn
  • Color Our Graffiti Wall
  • Street Music
  • No Admission Fee 
Mishloach Manot - Community Initiative

On Purim we emphasize the importance of Jewish unity and friendship by sending gifts of food to friends.

Join a community wide initiative and sign up to deliver as few as one Purim gifts to another local Jewish family you haven't met yet!

Let's unite this community during these trying times! 

Sign up HERE

Giving to the Needy
One of Purim’s primary themes is Jewish unity. Haman tried to kill us all, we were all in danger together, so we celebrate together too. Hence, on Purim day we place special emphasis on caring for the less fortunate.

Give money or food to at least two needy people during the daylight hours of Purim, February 26. In case you can’t find any needy people, your synagogue will likely be collecting money for this purpose. At least, place two coins in a charity box earmarked for the poor.

On Purim, we give a donation to whoever asks; we don’t verify his or her bank balance first.

As with the other mitzvahs of Purim, even small children should fulfill this mitzvah.